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How To Choose The Best Fish Finder For Your Fishing Boat Like A Pro

There are various categories of fishfinder; types, brands and models. This can make it quite disorienting to find the best fish finder that would suit your fishing needs, right?
Apart from making prior research before purchasing, there are other important things you should consider that would enable you find the best fish finder like a pro. 

As experts would say, there really is no 'best fishfinder if you look at it from the context of the various fishing needs that exist. This is true in every sense. What you are only required to do is to observe your personal fishing need, and find the best fishfinder that would solve it.
Having said this, here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best fish finder:

Price Range
If you have a specific price range, it is best that you make streamline your search to your budget.
While there are fish finders that cost as much $2000, it is quite possible that you are able to find a suitable fish finder below $100, but how would you know if you do not first know your budget?

Less Than $100:
Fish finders less than $100 are very basic with most of them not having a GPS facility. They also have low resolution. Subsequently, images gotten with this type of fish finders may be difficult to interpret.

Also, you should know that with fish finders of this price range, the most depth you would get is 100- 150 feet because of their low power rating and the low end transducer.
This category of fish finder is ideal for beginners. It is also suitable for shallow fishing. However, readings are good, but they can be fantastic.

Less Than $300:
Fish finders in this category mostly come with GPS. This means that you can easily track their favorite fishing positions whenever you go fishing like the Garmin EchoMap 43 DV.

Fish finders below $300 also, mostly come with CHIRP traditional sonars that allows you see sharp fish arches. You would also be enabled to see perfect target separation.
Furthermore, you would be able to see anything beneath your boat with some of the devices in this category due to the presence of CHIRP DownVu.

CHIRP SideVu lets you see targets on either side of the boat as well.
Some of the fishfinders in this category are portable, wireless and castable, like the Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 that allows you use it with your mobile devices.

Less than $500:
These categories of fish finders would have screens up to 4"-5", and have advanced technologies in sonar wars, GPS lake mapping, down and side imaging.

$500 And Above:
Fishfinders that cost $500 and above provide highly professional facilities. Devices in this category come with the features mentioned, in addition to screen size and expandability.

This type of fishfinders have very powerful sonar, HD screens, powerful mapping packages and the capability to add more peripherals like radars, satellite radio, weather.

These devices also come with the ability to sync two or more units together.
These type of fishfinder is good for professional use, and would help you monitor everything on your boat.
Anglers in tournaments would find fishfinders in this category very useful.

Standalone, Combo or Network Fishfinder?

Fishfinders are generally devices anglers use to picture what goes on beneath their boats in order to identify fish. However, as we have earlier explained, different fishfinders comes with different facilities. In order to find the best fish finder, you should consider the various types of the devices and how they would suit your needs.

Standalone fishfinder:
This type of fish finder would easily give you the largest display of what is going on beneath your boat, for the least cost. However, this type of fishfinder performs no other function. This would mean that while, there may be high performance in terms of wide screen displays, they are limiting and rigid.

Combination fishfinder:
This is also, sometimes, known as chartplotter, and is perfect for owners of mid-sized boats. You can view both on split screen and on the fishfinder mode, while using this type.

Network fishfinder:
This type have the capacity to support a huge range of data sources which include radar, raster and vctor GPS charts, SiriusXM satellite radio, video among others. Most include Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, and can be connected to your phones.

Style And Shape

In this regard, there are four types of fishfinders , each having their distinctive feature that separates them from the others.

Although, this is the most difficult to install, this type has both depth and temperature sensors. Some also have speed paddle wheel.

This type of fishfinder has its adjustable-angle bracket screwed to the transom so that the transducers hang below and behind the hull. This makes it get more turbulent water flow. It is however, easy to install.

Transducers do not need to be directly in contact with water . This is because there are glued to the hull side with silicone or epoxy. They are not suitable for cored hulls or steel hulls, only for solid fibreglass.
They are very suitable for trailerable boats. 


Finding the best fishfinder is not as difficult as it sounds. It only requires that you get to know the fishfinder device and how you would need it to perform for you. 

As we earlier have noted, there is not a best fishfinder that is built somewhere out there, but several fishfinders built to serve the various needs that is wont to arise for the typical angler while fishing.

With the information above, it would be an easy task highlighting your angling needs and finding the perfect fishfinder that would soothe them.


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